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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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the san francisco board of education for presenting us with this wonderful commendation tonight. the omega boys club as you heard has worked tirelessly through the years. i guess when you work that hard, and the founders who are still alive today dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack -- you probably don't have time to accept awards because you're still doing the work. it gives me great pleasure to accept this on behalf of theyñ?ñ? omega boys club, 25 years after lching to that -- listening to that accomplishments and everything we've done i just reflected upon being a part of so many of those amazing experiences and just being wild, sitting there listening. i know she mentioned thailand, south africa and i just reflected on a trip i took with dr. marshall outside of the country to switzerland. we were in swirts land for two
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weeks i believe and just leaving the united states of america and see the world it held me to reflect on that night at the omega boys club, ndz night of course when the omega boys club told me you stick with us, we will help you see the world. i didn't know they meant that literally. i just thought they meant like giving me good talk to stay in the club. i wanted to take x?rknvrt time also to publicly thank the club'sc7 founders dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack, those two gentlemen have helped (mv and shape the form of the person i am today. i$ñ?ñ? am a servant o/1 servant of keeping young people alive and free and thank you all again for this marvelousyk /2ru0 awardñañ?ñ?. >> [applause.] >> good evening,)ñ?ñ? commissioners. superintendent carranza. i wanted to congratulate
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reelected commissioners norton,f vy m wynns, and fewer. congratulations on your reelection. 14 years ago, which makes me seem a little older than i would like to admit, i graduated from morris brown college in georgia. it was due to a huge part for the omega boys club paying for my tuition and providing me as well as many first generation college students the opportunity to go on to college and graduate. so it wasn't just about talking the talk)v)vpñyñ in terms of how we eliminate violence and how we work to make changes andgwñ transformation in the community but it wasn[ñ?ñ? also about the action behind it. having the opportunity to go to school, go to high school, and knowing and understanding that ifc ?ñ? you're part of a program that will be able to pay your tuition, takes the stress=ñ?ñ? off a lot of our students and a lot of cp └u that provide a tangible opportunity for change. so we just want to thank dr. marshall and jack for the work they've done over the past
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25 years and the work that they continue -- and not only did they pay college[@kw tuitions, not only do they continue to work in the community, as you see they're not here tonight, and they apologize for that but they also instilled in us, like dr. marshall's grandmother would say the more you know, the more you owe. what we continue to do as alumni is definitely in part of what was instilled in us as a part of this legacy and organization. on behalf of dr. marshall and jack, we want to thank you for this commendation and they of course apologize for not being here tonight but they really are doing the work. so thank you again. >> [applause.]xñ?ñnl8vfcá
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'9,rci pngeddle the next commendation is for the program title the seven of thevnñ?ñ?ñ occasions of november, asxñ?ñ?
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native-,-# # heritage month authored&ñ?ñ? by commissioner murase and fewer. is there a second? >>k y] so moved. >> second. >> reading of the resolution by commissioner murase and fewer. >> i'd like to share the reading as commissioner fewer comes back back. indian education program native-american month a day of'j>]cc recognition for the significant contribution, the first americans made to the establishment and growth of the united states, has evolved to become a whole month being designated for that#;?j+7qñ purpose, and whereas during the month of november, we'd like to1& american indian staff in the unified school district for maintaining pride and academic u
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title 7 and community partners that support cultural pride of the american indian, and in particular the'zw[csu supports the academicqñq>wñ needs of the american indian alaskan students, culturalpúi awareness, family literacy hands on learning nights college preparedness, leadership ei-opportunities a summer science program[me teachers that focus on a youth p.o.w. wow. ask the commissioner fewer to read the rest. >> commissioner fewer: whereas the parent advisory committee of the indian education program consists of parentsñ?ñ?ñ aides representatives, teachers administration and community
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members to -- on the distribution of the research provided for the program based on multiple data sources for a variety of services, and where pac empowers families, students and community6ó?n
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native american heritage month to celebrate c : a rich]kdék.z education, which empower american indian alaskan native students educators and families to ensure the school district
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education program. >> good evening everybody.mmçz commissioners and superintendent. i amnu this recognition on behalf of the indian education program title 7 the parent advisory committee, teachers, students and the community in general. the indian education program is a federally funded program that supports the unique educational and cultural academic needs of the american indian alaskan native students and we come out of the office of instruction where state funded programs are housed andi!)mdn< our office is currently at cesar chavez elementary school bungalow 2. this program is unique because it requires a parent advisory committee to be set in place to guide the distribution of funds and the committee is comprised of parents guardians, teachers,
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youth representative, community members and the pac looks at district data and determines the following objectives. this year's objectives are graduation, reading writing ald math. and it makes me super happy to -- after two and a half years of being program coordinator that the program has grown with outreach that's gone from identifying 97 american indian students to 157, which means that our funding, from the -- has increased from 21,000 to 32000. and currently we haveti identified american indians in the usd. and the highest number of tribal affiliation that we have is navajo but there are 56 tribal
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affiliations here in san francisco. and i just wanted to acknowledge our commitment with the parents that are here, to support the program. our program is very unique. the parents are the ones who decide, like i said, the program -- what events go in the program and what things#ñzqé that we focus on is family night once a month. and that's the parent wanted to have that and this year we're focusing on writing7?g÷ç and literacy, including in our family nights with hands-on activities and it's been 'ç1; tremendozho [+v turnout. we also have a summer science program led by american indian teachers, and it's$2u,ç gone from one week to two weeks, serving 20 students from when they first started, to 60. so it's very successful program. and we collaborate with our partners. so it'swaçmím and i would like to recognize all of
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students learning at their schools, and who go unrecognized, and who do that out of the love that they have for their culture and pride in wanting to share in their american indian heritage, and especially thisvsñ?ñ? parent, shama, who recently was able to get 75% of theat78 talk with the school and get the other 25% of the funding so that we can have --j!2tçgpp she can have an assembly withukuçe n american indian presenter to enhance their learning on native -- on american indian heritage month. so it's successful and i'm sure there are a lot more parents that are doing that. i just want to recognize the parents efforts that are doing that behind the scenes. that is really important. so i'm really grateful for this recognition because it means a lot to our community, and it
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means a lot -- i'm a one-person department. and i'm really super happy to have a great supervisor in barbara -- who is able to be with me and support me and guide me through the3m the district level and the parents that are very active and want to see a change in the district. so i'm just really grateful to 7x;cjo be here, and the support of deputy& to be able to provide us a new space that we have at cesar chavez, andk1vx=áthe chavez community is super excited to have us be there with ab9?é1e holler staff. so i'm thankful. i'm like extremely thankful for this recognition because it means so much to the/wv program and a lot of the american indian students and teachers and females who i don't want to keep going but i could. i have a list of so many people
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that i could recognize because they make my work -- they make me want to work even harder. and working with the youth, that really brightens my day, and makes me want to work even more harder. but here's our parent÷ezc committee cochair, michelle an tone that would like tol few words. >> good evening. i just want to -- my name is michelle i'm from the -- nation which tucson arizona. and i am born and raised here in san francisco, and on the parents of the indian education program, we are very thankful/k44k(.ñ grateful for this acknowledgement. we have a strong group of dedicated parents that have been working really hard to keep this program going. for a period of time we didn't have a program coordinator. and now we have one of our own parents who is the coordinator.
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and so it's been a lot of work from a lot of dedicated parents that have been keeping the program going. we have been very instrumental in trying to get a location for our program. we have been kind of floating around here and there and now we are at cesar chavez,naj we're grateful that we have a room so that we can really get our program running full strength. and it's good to have a location so families can have somewhere to go when they need to. there's no other program in c
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honored to be here. thank youfá,?c> [applause.] >> i know we don't have g4sj y-ñz÷k+yd/x right now but i'm going to acknowledge the pac members who have been supporting, with the -- certificate later on but michelle an tone, georgia pratt williams, arin hall, a teacher who isn't here who was supporting way before i was even in the program. so thank you so much for all your -- and all the parents that showed up tonight thank you so much for coming and supporting. >> ?s >> i also wanted to mention that i had an opportunity to attend this assembly last week, and learned there were 550 different tribes in the united states, 280 different languages spoken, 20 of them spoken in california. and we did learn ac5ssj little sign
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language which was -- i hope i don't get this wrong. so correct me, ladies, if i'm wrong. education is not the enemy. so i hope i did thatwwwpoñ
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superintendent carranza82k> j.%móx1 jrotc. >> i'd like to call ram ileoto the podium regarding the lowell high school second place finish in the national 2011-12 symposium and academic bowl. first sergeant. >>[!n? and gentlemen and board members. i'm extremely proud to be here on behalf of lowell high school and the students in front of you. but let me start with s8,rá' something with you that i'm extremely proud of. i'm also a product of the junior rotc class from mission high school and back here after 23 years of active service. i'd like to present to you without further ado the the
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number one academic public school jrtv program. this gentleman on my right to your left is cadet -- jordan wong, michael>! mitchell wong. they're actually brothers,
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two minute video what any went through and share with you a couple of questions and see if we can answer them out here, a couple of questions that these guys had to answer during the competition. so, again, thank you for having us, and i'll play the video here in a second. this is not mine. this is yours. >> and we're going to present to you ac1nydjcouple of commendations. this is an official commendation from the secretary of defense, the honorable leon panetta. i won't&nsbo read the whole message but he says to all the the cadets competing for the academic bowl championship accept my sincere congratulations#)a(%)] for your academic achievement. signed the&=g%y4m honorable leonis panetta, june 1 2012. congratulations,!?á$]wd gentlemen.kac>
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congratulations. >> thank you. very nice[bcwjxp. "y3b
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>> well, before i show the video, they'reyuwcifñ competing again now to have the opportunity to go back for &=!du$ the fifth time this summer, or during this summer. so let me show the video to you guys. >>t(la9yñ ♪ qfqfw[
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>> pencil and papers ready. the wheels of6ñ?ñ? a bicycle each have a radius of 10 inches. if adqñ?ñ?ñ cyclist runs a bike and each wheel makes2> 1400. >> 1400 is correct. 10 points.
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>> that'só this principle can be violated by a hypothetical entityg0f can selectively open a trap door and only --\ only --) z particles. >> -- >> that's correct for 10sese=v points. >> this is a short0 i figured you guys would get a kick out of it. thank you for having >> so is the video finished? okay. so your fellow student at lowell would like to make a comment? >> i just want to say that i'm really proud to be a part of the school who -- is -- so successful. whenever i talk to people about our jrotc they complement on how
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good you guys are. i wanted to say you guys9tñgwg make lowell really proud. so go cardinals. >> thank yourzyq so item d, student delegates report, wendy lee and megan wong. >> we had the -- on december 1. the -- will be sharing what they learned with the entire student advisory council at our next meeting which isxxjég our public relations committee met with the public relations coordinator heidi anderson of the district and learned how the public outreach and communications office for the district works. they also discussed ways to help publicize thej8á7zwmwç student advisory council in ways to collaborate in the future. our sec and -- joint committee
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put finishing touches on the resolution for recommendations on supporting students who are off track for graduating with the adg=wx we are also looking forward tou"s!i have superintendent carranza stop by our meeting tomorrow as well as -- the new youth empowerment fund managers to talk to us about the -- proposals and make funding recommendations that will total $22 million.l5 finally this student advisory council is looking ahead and working together with assistant superintendent janet shultz. she will be at our next meeting on november 263çñ?ñ?. >> thank you. item e parent advisory counciloéñ?ñ? report, pac, pac representative.
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>> good evening, commissioners. superintendent carranza iz2/
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practices and one of those is to follow up with questions that we continue to hear at community conversations from parents and staff, about data, suspension expulsion rates at particular sites as well as data around class referrals and what are the incidents related to. and so those are some of the areas that we are considering exploring as well as talking to district2)sb,zx staff, and the public education enrichment0oçi7ft fund evaluator to talk about the evaluation process of restorative practices. that's another question we conversations about how aren/a(x' sort of practices being evaluated. and so we're in the process of trying to establish aáhbóf meeting with districtx8jgbf staff and the program evaluator to talk about how the pac can inform and play a role in that processa%í:[#v4.
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regarding a through g, high school requirement graduation requirements, in order to gain a greater understanding of the implementation process of the plan that the district has adopted, and the challenges thatslds are being faced right now regarding the implementation pac has been participatingw7< several different meetings, the curriculum community27)ñzñb meeg meeting, the select joint committee meeting7éy['$ç as well as community partners and we wanted to acknowledge and really appreciate theo//j wq curriculum committee took the time last week to answer and address the questions we hadqikñ regarding the a through g requirements and challenges that are currently being faced around the number of students currently off track. so we're using this opportunity to inform ourselves, to inform the type of work we're going to do around this, how we can best support the short and long-term implementation challenges that are happening right now, and where's the best!xkg place to put


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